History of the Locanda Grifo

a century-old family run traditional Inn on Lake Como, Italy

The origins of the symbol

The “Griffin” (“Grifo in italian) represent the symbol of the Comacina Island’s warships, allied with Milano against Como and the emperor Barbarossa.

On 1954 there has been the first historical representation of that battleship, the Island’s ship with the symbol of the “Griffin”, won the challenge.

The “Griffin” that was on the head of the ship, has been exposed in the nearer Locanda belonging to Mr Antonio Bianchi and Mrs Maria Salice and gave her the name of Locanda Grifo. The original “Griffin” was wooden made, today a new one wrought iron made, just outside the Locanda.

The Tradition

The Locanda Grifo (also known as “Trattoria del Grifo” or simply “Grifo”) boasts a culinary art tradition since 1912, handed down from generation to generation.

The culinary experience acquired by Mr Enrico and Mrs Vittorina Bianchi has been handed down with love and passion to their sons, Antonio and Tiziana that now are running the Locanda.

The Locanda keeps Grifo’s memory alive: at the entrance, behind the bar, you can admire a fresco by Bruno Azimonti (painter and artist from Lake Como) dated 1957. The fresco represents the battleship between the Island’s ship and the Barbarossa’s ship.